April 25, 2011

Skyfire Announces Skyfire Web Browser 4.0 for Android

We saw a couple of mobile web browsers launching last month like the Opera Mini and Mozilla’s Firefox for Android. It looks like Skyfire wants to up the ante by launching the fourth iteration of their Skyfire Web Browser. And like every new version of a software or app, the Skyfire Web Browser has some features added.

Primarily, the browser seems to cater users who are constantly stuck to their Facebook or Twitter accounts. There are one touch access buttons for quick access to Twitter, plus there’s also a Facebook Like button added for users’ convenience to like a particular page. Skyfire’s toolbar, the Skybar has been made customizable and is also scrollable.

Other added features include the Google Reader option that aggregates content from various websites that a user has selected. Three new buttons are the Sports, News and Finance buttons that is supposed to give one touch access to the latest events happening around the globe.

There’s not much mentioned about any improvement in the speeds of the browser, but the added features look pretty cool. The browser is free of cost and is available for download at the Android Market.

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