April 24, 2011

Apple to Launch Music Service Before Google

According to Reuters, Apple has almost finished development of their upcoming cloud-based music storage service. It’s been known through a number of sources that Google too has been working on a similar service for a while now. It turns out that Apple might beat Google to make their service public.

Apple is still in talks with music labels for licenses. Some of these labels include Universal, Sony Music, Warner Music and EMI. The service will allow its users to store their music on an online server and be able to access it from anywhere using an internet connection.  Amazon had recently launched a music service. Google and Apple have both been buying music service companies. Google had bought Pushlife and Simplify Media. Apple too had bought a service called Lala, which they closed back in April 2010. There has been no official statement on the launch of such a service, although Google was to said to have launched the service around Christmas last year.

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