April 25, 2011

Nokia’s App Store and Ovi Maps to Come to Windows Phone 7

That Nokia and Microsoft have cracked a deal is stale news, really. One obvious reason being Nokia smartphones running a better OS, it looks like the Finnish company will be retaining a few of their current applications on the new Windows Phone 7-based smartphones as well.

Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO has said that the Ovi Maps app will be integrated to the Windows Phone 7 operating system which means future Nokia smartphones will be having a pre-loaded Ovi Maps app. Another addition will be a Nokia branded application store which apparently “combines the Windows Marketplace back-end with the convenience of operator-billing from Nokia”.

Some good news for Windows Phone developers is that the registration fee which is something around $99 (approx Rs. 4,400) will be waived for the first year for all published Nokia developers. Finally, speaking about the deal with Microsoft, Elop feels that the tie-up can bring payments worth “billions of dollars” over the next five years.

That’s quite a bit of positivity for the Espoo company which was initially struggling with their outdated OS problems. However, Elop is not willing to drift away from the Symbian scenario either, as we can clearly see through the Anna update that they brought for their smartphones.

Source : Nokia’s App Store and Ovi Maps to Come to Windows Phone 7

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