April 26, 2011

Samsung Announces the W200 Pocket Camcorder

If you’re still in shock and grief for the Flip Cam’s passing away, here’s something to make you feel a lot better. Samsung has announced a pocket camcorder for outdoor full high definition filming, called the W200.

The camera is said to be shock, water and dust-proof, thanks to the rugged body that it boasts of. It’s specially devised for taking videos and pictures underwater, which means that the W200 is also capable of submerging underwater to a maximum level of three meters.

The W200 has a built-in USB arm that can help transfer movies and videos to and from a PC or a laptop. The pocket camcorder is integrated with a 5 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor and an F2.2 Bright Lens. It has a special Aqua mode setting which automatically realizes the environment for underwater videos. The camcorder has an anti-water coating which is meant to keep the 2.3-inch LCD screen away from condensation. The W200’s embedded lens is also said to have an anti-fog coating which is supposed to help in getting blur-free pictures.

The pocket camcorder also has a Record Pause feature that lets the user pause the recording and then resume it later from that particular point. It has some extra features like Smart Filter and Fish-Eye Settings meant to add some more options while taking pictures or videos.

The W200 will be no sale from next month and is said to be priced at $159 (approx Rs. 7,100). We definitely hope to see this pocket camcorder hit Indian shores soon, especially because it might survive after hitting the shore as well!

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