April 29, 2011

Mango Update to be Called Windows Phone 7.5

It looks like Windows Phone 7 users (unlike some other smartphone users) will not have to succumb to some fruit name after all! There are some rumours doing the rounds that latest Windows Phone 7 firmware upgrade, initially called as only ‘Mango’, will actually be called Windows Phone 7.5.

On the Microsoft Partner Network site, the Spotlight section clearly said “Preview the New Windows Phone OS 7.5”. However, if you check the site now it’ll say “Preview the Next Version of Windows Phone”.

 According to sources, Microsoft has gone round and round, trying to fix a name for their Operating System. The first name was Windows Mobile with the version number succeeding it. It later moved on to Windows Phone, followed by “Windows Phone 7 Series” and finally what we see is Windows Phone 7. In comparison to that, Windows Phone 7.5 came relatively quick!

Honestly, it definitely sounds a lot better than calling it as ‘Mango’.  Let’s hope that’s the name that Microsoft will be sticking to and there won’t be any further hiccups.

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