April 29, 2011

Toshiba Launches Write Once SD Cards

Toshiba Japan has just launched an SD card which can be used to store data only once. That means once a user has copied data to the said SD card, it cannot be modified or deleted. The SD card looks just like your standard SD card, apart from the Write Once label on the top. The SD Card features has 1GB of storage space which is just about enough for you to store any media that you may so choose.

We are sure you must be wondering why on earth one would need a write once SD card. Well, according to Toshiba, the storage device is aimed at ‘government offices’ and businesses where data can be written once and not be tampered with again.

We hope this remains a one off product and that it doesn’t start a trend with manufacturers making USB flash drives and other storage devices Write Once as well. For most of the people using it tend to write, re-write, copy, modify and delete the same data alteast a few hundred times in a day 

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