April 24, 2011

Samsung Unveils Notebook Series 9

Samsung showed off a deluge of products yesterday. One of those products was the new Series 9 notebook range. The new range of notebooks are powered by the Core i5 processors from Sandy Bridge family. They come with a 13-inch screen that supports a resolution of 1366x768 and weigh a meagre 1.31 kg, much like a netbook and only 16.3 mm in thickness. The notebook is built using an alloy called duralumin, which means lighter but a strong body.

The storage drive on the Notebook Series 9 is a 128GB SSD but that can be extended to 256GB. Samsung claims that their SuperBright Plus is two times brighter than traditional displays and that the new series of notebooks were designed and tested to ensure that they could be used at home and also while on the go. Although, the new notebooks weigh the same as a netbook, the attractive sleek design and performance from the Sandy Bridge processors should make this a notebook to look forward to.

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