April 3, 2011

LG Launches E60, E90 LED Backlit Monitor

LG has launched two LED backlit monitors, the E60 and the E90, that should be available in the market in the coming weeks. The E60 comes in three variants, the 20-incher costing Rs. 9,940, the 22-incher priced at Rs. 12,200 and the 23-incher that will be available for Rs. 13,000. The E90 will only come in one size, a 21-incher priced at Rs. 16,900.  

 The E60 is just 12.9mm thick which makes it incredibly slim. It also has a very attractive design which is not often seen in a desktop monitor. There's plenty of connectivity as well from D-Sub to DVI to HDMI. The resolution will vary depending on the size of the monitor. The monitor features a 'mega' contrast ratio and an Eco mode as well for lower power draw. 

The E90 is more of a premium grade monitor that follows on the same lines as their LED TVs. The monitor measures just 7.3mm in depth and due to the ultra slim profile, all the ports had to be shifted to the base. This LED backlit model features 250 nits of brightness, 2ms response time, full HD resolution, and all three connectors of the E60.  

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