April 30, 2011

Nokia CEO Talks about New Tablet

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop confirmed that Nokia is working on a Tablet. In an interview with YLE.fi, Elop commented that out of hundreds of tablets on the market, there is just one that is doing well. So when Nokia launches its tablet, it will be unique and will distinguish itself from its competitors. He said that they (Nokia) are always in a hurry to do the right things.

He also said that the team working on the tablet is weighing in its options on what software to use. It could use a Windows-based OS from Microsoft or simply go for MeeGo, which could make for a very interesting device.

In the 20 minute interview, Elop discussed its recent job cuts, current competitors like Google, its tie-up with Microsoft and the resulting Windows Phone 7 devices. A delay in entering the tablet market seems to be a smart move on the part of Nokia, especially with the uncertainty on the OS part, and taking the slow and steady approach on this one could give them a better chance of winning the race.

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