April 28, 2011

Google Chrome 11 bring support for HTML speech input

Google Chrome 11 might not have a big list of features to boast of, over the significant update that was Google Chrome 10, but it does bring one very important feature to the web browser. With this latest release Google Chrome now supports speech input through HTML.

This may not seem like a big deal to many, however fact is that despite the web being an important innovation in making data available to people all across the world, access to the internet for those with disabilities is still quite limited.They are cut off from a majority of this brilliant innovation in communication.

Speech input is a great way to enable people to interact with the web in ways they couldn't before, while improving accessibility for those with disabilities that prevent them from using computers via traditional means.
Google Translate also boasts of this feature, allowing one to input text in a known language merely be speaking it, and then translating it to any one of the supported languages. The translation can even be spoken aloud by the browser.

Google Chrome 11 also comes with an updated browser icon that is a simplified / 2D version of the previous Google Chrome icon.

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