April 6, 2011

Twitter Searches Get Relevant

Finding what you want on Twitter just got easier! According to a blog post on the popular social networking medium, searches would now get more relevant.

Avid tweeters would remember how general the results would get each time they tried to look for a specific group. Twitter claims that it is now a thing of past, as they have worked out a way. Previously, searching for a term meant getting all results that had that term somewhere in the name, and not necessarily the essence, itself.

Users now have an option of picking from a wide array of topics – ranging from a general umbrella term to anything more specific. Twitter assures its updated search feature will get you your related searches faster than you expect. 

Bracing the search feature is yet another addition. Twitter will now offer you tips each time you punch in a search. These tips direct you to a list of search options, as also direct you to the advanced search page.

Source : Twitter Searches Get Relevant

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