April 6, 2011

Google Maps 5.3 for Android Has Location Dashboard

Google has released yet another Google Maps update for the Android platform. The new Google Maps 5.3 for Android brings new location history dashboard and check-in features. Those who've enabled Location History in Latitude service will get to see their location history statistics on a dashboard in the Google Maps.  
Location History will be helpful to keep track of places you regularly visit and the frequency as well. That way you can plan your travel accordingly. For those who haven't enabled Location History can do the same from PC or Mac by visiting - https://www.google.com/latitude/history/. You can delete your location history any time by tapping on the Manage Tab. Comprehensive information will be available on the hours spent at home, work or traveling out. 
Those using the Check-in feature in Google Maps can now set automatic check-in at home after adding your home address yourself or estimated current home address. Also, this helps you create a custom Home check-in option where you can let others know that you are home, but in-fact you could be out for a party with friends.

Frequent travelers and Places users can now add their own custom aspects for describing more about the restaurant, shop, mall, or any other Place for their review. Adding specific characteristics to a specific Place like Music, Ambiance, Wait Service, Pizzas, Salads, etc. is helpful for users who're looking for those specific aspects. 

The new Google Maps 5.3 for Android is available in Android Market (http://market.android.com) for the devices running Android OS 1.6 or higher. 

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