April 6, 2011

Nokia T7-00 Images Surface

Last week we reported about Nokia's T7-00 smartphone listed in the OVI Publishing Tool. Now, PCPOP.com has got their hands on the T7-00 and shared some images of the actual device. As per the images, the T7-00 looks exactly like the Nokia N8. However, it would support TD-SCDMA/GSM networks and the China Mobile sticker on the back suggests where exactly it is targeted at. We won't be surprised if the same product is launched globally. 

 The upcoming Nokia T7-00 is said to have 360x640 pixel resolution supporting display and will sport Symbian^3 mobile operating system. The front facing VGA camera will support video calls. The back panel has a downgraded 8 megapixel camera instead of a 12 megapixel found on the N8. Under the hood, the T7-00 will have a 700Mhz ARM11 processor and is capable of supporting 3D graphics and OpenGL 2.0 for better 3D gaming experience. 

Apparently, Nokia N8 has a 680MHz ARM11 CPU and supports 3D graphics. So there's a slight bump in the mobile CPU clock but that would hardly ensure marginal performance.  

If Nokia is planning this T7-00 just for China, then it would be the same strategy that Samsung had employed by introducing downgraded version of handsets. 

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