April 7, 2011

Nokia to Announce New Symbian Updates on April 12

Nokia seems to be seriously pushing their Symbian Smartphones. From yesterday's announcement that they were planning to launch about 40 handsets with the OS this year alone, to the recent buzz in the mobile community about an event that’s planned for next week in the UK, London. It seems a few invites were sent out for some sort of event that would most likely showcase what new updates are headed for the Symbian OS. 

The invitation itself is quite ambiguous but the ‘Discover what’s new with Symbian Smartphones’ does sort of give it away. One source seems to think it could be a UI change to Symbian, much needed I say. I’m also jumping on to that bandwagon and would love to see just a better looking UI for Symbian other than the existing one that’s no more than a few more colour splashes to what has been around for so long. It could also be a few new handsets perhaps. It's anyones guess really.

Anyhow, April 12th is just around the corner so it’s only a matter of a short wait before Nokia unveils their plans for Symbian. Here’s hoping it’s not just some minor bug fixes.

I’d like to know what you guys expect. Follow the thread if you have a take on just what you’d want to see Nokia do with or incorporate into their Symbian OS.

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