April 15, 2011

Google Unveils A Google A Day

Imagine an examination where instead of your understanding of a certain subject, you were being marked on how good you are at dishing out that news from your source, books in this case.

Google’s official blog mentions a trivia game that works on similar lines. Unveiling its A Google a Day trivia game, Google believes that it’s going to be a cut above the traditional trivia games. A new daily puzzle that promises to keep to keep users on their tips, literally, agoogleaday.com will have new questions posed everyday. Needless to add that if Google offers a peek-a-boo into its search lists, the questions are not going to be a cake walk. 

The level of difficulty of the questions posed will be of a different level each day, from the easiest on the first day of the week, till the most difficult ones by the time it’s a Thursday or a Friday. To guide the users better with their searches, Google will also provide them with search tips and features that should help them.  

However, if you’re expecting that the usual channels of Google’s search engines with real- time updates will be made available to you for this trivia game, you’ll be disappointed. But, for good measure, Google has unveiled a separate search feature (Deja Google) that will be exclusively used by the agoogleaday.com users which will not include real-time updates.

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