April 12, 2011

Fujifilm Launches 12 Digital Cameras in India

 Fujifilm has flooded the Indian markets with 12 camera models spread across diverse ranges of price and performance. The models introduced are AV200 and AX300 (A series), JV200, JX300 (J series), FinePix X100, T200, F500 EXR, HS20, S2950, S3300, S4000 and Z900. All these models feature the capability to shoot movies in HD (720p).  

Additionally, the new range includes features like digital image stabilization, motion panorama mode, face detection technology, picture search, scene recognition auto, blink detection, smile & shoot mode, and the convenience of easy uploads on Facebook and YouTube. All models are covered by a two year warranty. Consult the image below for more details on the features and pricing for each model.

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