January 3, 2012

YouTube Slam launched by Google destination for cute, crazy, funny videos

Retiring at the end of a long, tiring day, watching crazy, cute videos, or getting blown away by videos of amateur, but talented singers trying their hand at singing; on YouTube is something we've all indulged in. Needless to add, searching for these videos on the site is tedious, to say the least. Now, Google has introduced a latest addition to YouTube, which brings all these 'slam-y' videos under one roof.

Called YouTube Slam, this section of Google's popular video viewing website aims to be the one-stop destination for the most quirky, but interesting videos housed on YouTube. YouTube Slam, according to its description on the site is "This is the place for discovering talented amateur singers, the most adorable clips and the craziest videos on YouTube. Watch pairs of videos and vote for your favorite. Videos are scored based on your votes, and the best videos are featured on the slam leaderboard. Start voting today and be the first to discover the best videos on YouTube!"

YouTube Slam now has a collection of videos categorized under headers like - Cute Slam, Bizarre Slam, Comedy Slam, and Music Slam. There's also a section on YouTube Slam (placed on bottom right) called Slam Leaderboards, wherein essentially users can vote for their favorite videos and also view the ranking to Top 10 videos, within each category. Users can gauge the changes in these lists, either over a week or go straightaway to viewing the 'all time' best videos. With the platform expanding, and content of varying levels making an entry; YouTube Slam will surely be one interesting place.

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