June 6, 2011

Google Launches The '+1' Button

Facebook's 'Like' button has been immensely popular ever since its inception. It was only a matter of time before others implemented the same feature. Google as you all know by now, had announced plans of launching the '+1' button. Now they have gone a step further by announcing that the +1 button will be a feature added to websites so as to decrease the time spent for searching.

The users have to do is simply click '+1' if they happen to like a website. At first it was reported that '+1' would be implemented only with some websites, but now some reps have let a cat out of the bag by saying that just about any website will be able to add the '+1' button which would help users rate their favourite posts.

How would this help?
Users searching for a particular article on Google can now see what their friends have liked, making it easier for them to pick the best out of the lot. Google has launched this service for websites today. This service is supposed to change the way one searches for articles or something on Google, such as a recipe. While some may think this is a good service, others may think otherwise. Either way, this is a welcome addition which will save a lot of time and most likely result in more relevant search results. 

You can read more about Google '+1' button over here.

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